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6 Things Youth Football Coaches Should Do In The Offseason

The 2011 season is in the books and whether you had an outstanding or a rebuilding year here are 6 things you should do this offseason to become a better coach: 1.  Coach Another Sport Let’s face it, being a youth coach takes a lot more than knowledge of X’s and O’s.  You have to be [...]

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Handling a Loss in Youth Football

Nobody likes to lose.  Everybody will lose at some point.  How you react when you do lose will have a big impact on your players. It always grieves me to see coaches yelling, screaming and berating their players after a loss.  Saying things like “If you’d only listen to me we’d have won the game.”  Telling [...]

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Book Review: Coaching Youth Football: The Guide for Coaches, Parents and Athletes

When I was starting out coaching youth football I wanted all the information I could get my hands on.  I researched web blogs such as this one, spent time on youth football related message boards and read books.  One of the first books I read was Coaching Youth Football:  The Guide for Coaches, Parents and [...]

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3 Keys to Having a Positive Experience with Youth Football Parents

I’m sure you’ve seen it first hand or have at least heard the horror stories. Headlines such as: “Coach, Parent Fight at Youth Football Game”, “Parents Gone Bad: Fight Breaks Out at Youth Football Game” or “Youth Coach Suspended After Verbal Confrontation with Parents” have become all too common. Parents have high expectations for their [...]

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Simple Wrist Coaches for Offensive Linemen

Here is a cheap, creative idea for you to make sure your offensive linemen know what they are doing on each and every play.  It will work best with an offensive concept like we promote at Plug ‘N Play football which is to have “blocks” of plays that you install.  For example, you might teach [...]

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Running a Good Youth Football Practice

If you’ve had a son or daughter in youth sports and watched practices there’s a good chance you’ve experienced this scenario before:  It’s 5 to 10 minutes after practice is scheduled to begin and the coaches are huddled together frantically discussing what to do while the players are either standing around or running around crazily to [...]

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