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Simplifying Football for Youth Coaches

Football Helmets

  I just finished my first year as the head coach of a middle school program in South Florida.  After all the equipment was turned in I had a chance to take a detailed inventory of our football helmets.  We have a great athletic department and all football helmets have been reconditioned on a yearly basis.  Earlier this year [...]

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Coach’s Game Day Checklist

  A football coach has many roles but definitely the most public one is game day coaching.  A successful game coach will always have spent a significant amount of time preparing for the game.  Any neglected minor details could become major issues during the game.  I like to have a checklist to make sure I’m [...]

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Simple Wrist Coaches for Offensive Linemen

Here is a cheap, creative idea for you to make sure your offensive linemen know what they are doing on each and every play.  It will work best with an offensive concept like we promote at Plug ‘N Play football which is to have “blocks” of plays that you install.  For example, you might teach [...]

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