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What I’m Reading Now: Keep It Simple “The Wildcat Multiple Offense”

Nothing perks coaches and players interest like the “Wildcat” offense that is becoming increasingly popular.  However, don’t be mislead like I was from the title of this book.  The author, Victor E Laurie, was a middle school football coach at a school that had a mascot that was the wildcat.  This book is a multiple [...]

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What I’m Reading Now: Football’s West Coast Offense

I started reading this book and it’s pretty good so far, doesn’t cover much of the running game but provides a good, in-depth understanding of the philosophies and plays common to the West Coast Offense.

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ESPN Gruden’s QB Camp

An excellent series on ESPN right now is Jon Gruden’s QB Camp.  Jon Gruden breaks down the top NFL draft pick QBs on his show.  He spends time reviewing film with them and takes them out to the field to review their mechanics.  Gruden has just the personality to pull this show off and it truly [...]

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Highlight Videos – Double Wing Offense

The Rogers, MN 5th grade team I coached in 2010 featured a double wing offense.  Here’s our end-of-the-season highlight video I put together using a program called PowerDirector.  PowerDirector is very easy to use and can be downloaded here: We used the “Plug ‘N Play” system you’ll read about on this website.  The double wing [...]

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Choosing an Offensive System for a Youth Football Team

What exciting offense should you be running with your youth football team?  A spread-option?  A wildcat?  Pistol offense?  How about a more traditional offense like a single wing offense, double wing offense or a wing-T? The best starting point would to pick an offense that best fits the grade level of your players.  Trying to teach a [...]

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Simple Wrist Coaches for Offensive Linemen

Here is a cheap, creative idea for you to make sure your offensive linemen know what they are doing on each and every play.  It will work best with an offensive concept like we promote at Plug ‘N Play football which is to have “blocks” of plays that you install.  For example, you might teach [...]

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Blocking Philosophy

When I first started playing organized football in the 6th grade (first time it was offered back in my day), the offensive line was taught one type of block – the drive block.  A drive block is taking the defensive opponent across from you and pushing him backwards in the direction you want him to [...]

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