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What I’m Reading Now: Keep It Simple “The Wildcat Multiple Offense”

Written By: hawkcoach - Nov• 30•11

Nothing perks coaches and players interest like the “Wildcat” offense that is becoming increasingly popular.  However, don’t be mislead like I was from the title of this book.  The author, Victor E Laurie, was a middle school football coach at a school that had a mascot that was the wildcat.  This book is a multiple offense book based on an a base Pro I formation.  It includes plays run from the Power I, Power T, Divide and Spread formations.

Overall the book has a lot of information and many different plays.  It would probably target the middle school age team best.  The offense is a little too simplified for High School and is probably a little complex for younger youth teams.  The book also includes a chapter on defense and some various drills the author used with his team.

If you would like a powerful multiple offense this book will definitely give you a great start.  It’s worth reading just to see the many ways the author simplifies the offense so his players can learn it easier.  Definitely should be on the bookshelf for any higher level youth or middle school coach.


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