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Book Review: Coaching Youth Football: The Guide for Coaches, Parents and Athletes

Written By: hawkcoach - Apr• 05•11

When I was starting out coaching youth football I wanted all the information I could get my hands on.  I researched web blogs such as this one, spent time on youth football related message boards and read books.  One of the first books I read was Coaching Youth Football:  The Guide for Coaches, Parents and Athletes by John P. McCarthy, Jr.

The book starts from a really basic foundation so if you are a seasoned football coach you might be a little disappointed to be taken back to such topics as: “Major Rules and Infractions” or “The Concept for Downs.”  However, once you get past the first three chapters you’ll start learning some practice drills, formations and some very nice tips to help you be more successful.  A rookie or novice coach should enjoy the format and manner in which some deeper fundamentals and strategies are explained in this book.

Here are the chapter titles:

  1. Desire
  2. The Game of Football: History and Rules of Play
  3. Field Positions
  4. Fundamental Skills
  5. Offense: Concepts and Formations and the Coach’s Playbook
  6. Defense: Concpets and Formations
  7. Running Team Practices
  8. The Psychology of Coaching Football
  9. Fitness
  10. Coaches’ and Parents Checklist
  11. Appendix: Summary of Penalties
  12. Glossary: Talking Football

I would recommend this book for coaches or assistant coaches in their first two years of coaching or who need a better understanding of the basics and fundamentals. is offering this book at a very low price – at this price it’s a great book to read in the offseason and add to your library for future reference.

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