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Simple Wrist Coaches for Offensive Linemen

Written By: hawkcoach - Mar• 30•11

Here is a cheap, creative idea for you to make sure your offensive linemen know what they are doing on each and every play.  It will work best with an offensive concept like we promote at Plug ‘N Play football which is to have “blocks” of plays that you install.  For example, you might teach your offensive linemen a wedge blocking technique.  The wedge block could be used for five or six different running plays.  The offensive linemen can learn and become “expert” at their blocking assignment so when it’s time to install plays you are really just dealing with teaching the backs and ends. 

Youth Football Team and Coach

Youth Football Team and Coach

  More specifically, you can call the wedge technique a “One” block.  Your offensive play call might sound like this: “One Rocket 10 Wedge.”  The offensive linemen only have to be concerned with “One” which tells them they will wedge block.

Last season we used 7 different “blocks” for our offensive linemen and there were a few (especially amongs the back-up players) that couldn’t remember which block was which.  We had purchased wrist coaches for our backs and ends but I didn’t have the funds to buy them for the offensive linemen as well.  Here is how we improvised:  I took an adult sized white tube sock and cut off the bottom leaving only the elastic section that goes over the ankle.  What we ended up with looked like a wrist band.  Then I took some athletic tape and made a section where the play could be written with a fine point Sharpie marker.

We made two of these improvised wrist coaches for each position – one for the starter and one for the back-up.  We wrote down the numbers one through seven then added specifically what that players responsibility was for each given block called. 

This was a tremendous help for the players in the beginning of the season and for when we had opportunities for the back-up to get some game experience on the offensive line.

If you really wanted to get fancy you could by tube socks with the athletic brand such as the Nike “Swoosh” on the ankle to make them more appealing.  I prefer a more blue-collar, lunch-pail mentality with my offensive linemen so the plain white socks worked great for me.

I’d love to hear about any ideas you have for helping young offensive linemen remember their blocking assignments. Leave a comment or discuss this topic on our Plug ‘N Play Message Board

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