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Highlight Videos – Double Wing Offense

Written By: hawkcoach - Mar• 31•11

The Rogers, MN 5th grade team I coached in 2010 featured a double wing offense.  Here’s our end-of-the-season highlight video I put together using a program called PowerDirector.  PowerDirector is very easy to use and can be downloaded here:

We used the “Plug ‘N Play” system you’ll read about on this website.  The double wing system we used had 7 blocks.  These 7 blocks provided us about 50 different plays including formation shifts and motion.  We had a great group of kids who learned new plays very quickly so it was easy to install the offense.  We ran a double wing power play that hit the C gap as our primary play and it was run with a “we’ll run it until they stop it” attitude.  This set up our counter play which you’ll see provided a majority of our ”highlight reel” plays.

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