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Do Award Stickers Have a Place in Youth Football?

Written By: hawkcoach - Mar• 28•11

The 2010 season was the first one I used an award sticker system. Prior to that I was worried that award stickers would promote too much of a “me first” attitude and that only the star players would earn a sticker creating a division in the team. Working with my coaching staff, we came up with an award sticker program that focused primarily on fundamentals. I still had some reservations but the kids loved the idea and the anticipated problems never arose. I would watch game film to determine who earned the sticker by keeping a tally of tackles, blocking and other things important to our team. The awards would be passed out at the following practice.

Here is the system we used for our award stickers:

  • Offense including punt returns and kick returns
    • 1 Sticker for every 7 effective blocks- defined as blocking the right person, at least a fair block and nothing that could be called as a penalty such as holding or blocking in the back. We rounded up so if they had 16 they got 3 awards.
    • 1 Sticker for every crushing block -pancake, de-cleater, driving the person backwards 4+ yards until the whistle or for extraordinary awareness or effort on a block.
    • 1 Sticker for every 7 effective fakes – QB and RB must carry out fake and see evidence that at least someone on defense bit on fake.  We ran a double wing offense that required a lot of fakes which were  integral to the execution of our offense and this provided some extra incentive to carry out that fake.  We also rounded up when awarding stickers in this category.
    • 1 Sticker for each half of no fumbled snaps – awarded to QB and center.
  • Defense including punts and kickoffs
    • 1 Sticker for every tackle for a loss
    • 1 Sticker for each time DE properly played reverse and turned ball-carrier back inside or made a tackle.
    • 1 Sticker for every 2 tackles – awarded if they were in on a tackle they received credit for it.  We rounded up for this category.
    • 1 Sticker for successfully defended pass or interception- tipped, knocked-down, or stripped.
    • 1 Sticker for every forced fumble and/or fumble recovery
  • 1 Sticker for every win by the team
Youth Football Player with Award Decals

Youth Football Player

This system seemed to be pretty balanced between offense and defense for our team.  We had 21 players who each had a position they played for the game so it was important to us to have a system that allowed each player a pretty equal chance of earning stickers.  One of our assistant coaches worked for a company that let us print the stickers for free which was a huge blessing.  With this system we saw players earn up to 12 stickers per game but on average we saw players earn 4 or 5 per game.

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  1. Chris says:

    I coached a football team last season and also used stickers as a motivational tool and reward system. I found that the kids loved it and worked hard to earn as many as they could. They liked it that the coaches noticed/watched them and what they were doing during games. It also showed them that the kid scoring the touchdown isn’t the most important thing and that they couldn’t win without blocking and tackling, etc.

  2. eivai says:

    I was looking for this kind of review for about 1 hour.. i’m glad i found it. Great piece of work, continue it. Best Regards.